A website full of bling, because diamonds are a girl's best friend!


Owner Jessie Blank has always loved diamonds, tiaras, and anything sparkly. As a child, she loved to dress up as a princess. Now a grown adult, she still loves to dress up and wear tiaras! She has 2 toddler daughters who prance around in tiaras and jewelry more than her!

Several years ago, Jessica's mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma and is still battling it. Going with her mom to treatments and watching her navigate the disease exposed her to the unglamorous realities of cancer. This experience made her want to do something for women and children with life threatening diseases. She wanted to come up with a way to help make them feel like a million bucks even though they didn't feel or look it. Jessica compiled a line of specialty tiaras and crowns that would fit comfortably even if a person or child did not have hair.

These sparkly products are for everyone who wants to feel like a queen, princess, or goddess! Afterall, who wouldn't want to walk around all day in a tiara?!

Visit her blog on how to Sparkle Glitter and Shine inside and out

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